Day End Lock _ Client Payments

Written By Melissa Piloni (Administrator)

Updated at April 5th, 2021


  • This guide shows you how to Day End Lock all your client payments received in one day.

Day End Lock Process

  • This process is completed for each Site where Client Payments are recorded, either via Scheduler check-in or using the Account Payments button.
  • The site you are logged into via Message Center will determine which Site is involved in the Day End/Lock Process.
    1. Before you run this process, review, and adjust the Site you want to Lock.
  • Open the “Client Payment Window,” from your icon menu.


The “Client Payment” window will show up.

  1. Click the “Day End/Lock” button.









The “Client Payments End of Day Process” window will come up for you with the message: OK to Print Report and Lock Batch?

  1. Click OK.


The “Clients Payments and Batch Lock Report” with the details of the payments collected will appear as well a the “Client Payments End of Day Process- Completed” message.  This means that all your payments for the day were Locked and Batched.


Q & A

  • If I do not lock my payments at the end of the business day, will my payments go away?
    1. A: No. Your payments will remain intact until you run the Day End Lock process.
  • How often should I run the Day End Lock process?
    1. Ideally, once a day, hence the name of the function, Day End Lock.
  • What happens if I have run the Day End Lock and I collect a payment(s) 5 minutes before the end of the business day?
    1. You can run the Day End Lock process again and batch that single payment(s) into a batch.
  • Should I run this multiple times on the day?
    1. As Best Practice, it is better to run it at the End of the Day.
    2. Yes, you can run it at any time it becomes necessary.
    3. During COVID season, agencies may be running this process at different times of the day as some staff handles the “Drag and Drop” of the Client List of the scheduler and/or collects payments. Please refer to your Supervisor or your Agency Super-Users for agency policies or workflow.


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