AR Balance Compare Programs Tip

Written By Felicia Conner ()

Updated at January 17th, 2020

AR Balance Compare - Programs Report

Looking for a way to see how a program is doing financially from month to month? The AR Balance Compare Program report is the one to use! This report compares the AR for any two dates entered. If you want to break it down further the report can also be filtered to provide individual guarantor information. A full description of what each column represents and how it was calculated is included at the bottom of the report.

Access: Reports > Process Reports > Core Production Reports > AR Balance Compare - Programs

At a minimum the following fields need to be completed.

  • AR Balance 1 Date
  • AR Balance 2 Date
  • Report Layout - This report should be run in summary layout.

The report uses ALL claim activity in the system to produce the amounts, therefore it may take considerable time to run.

For full instructions and filtering options see the user guide.  

Click here for a downloadable pdf of this Tip of the Week. 

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